Week 17- precalc 11

This week in pre calc we reviewed the idea of trigonometry and then learned new things to add on to what we already knew. So one of the things that we learned was the SIN LAW. The sin law is   The lower case letters are the side length measurements and the upper case letters […]

Week 16- pre calc 11

This week in PreCalc 11 we learned how to solve rational equations.   Rational equations are equations containing at least one fraction whose numerator or denominator is a variable. There are two ways to solve rational equations, one of them is multiplying every term by each of the denominators or cross multiplication. Cross multiplication only […]

Week 15- pre calc 11

This week in PreCalc 11 we revisited the idea of rational expressions and learned how to add together rational expressions with variables in the denominator. for example: when we add the rational expressions together the denominator needs to be the same so we take a common factor of the two denominators. And we always need […]

week 14- pre calc 11

This week in pre calc 11 we learned how to determine the difference between and absolute value graph and reciprocal value graph. we know that an absolute value graph cannot have any negatives at all because when a number is in the absolute value symbol even if it is negative it must change to positive, […]

week 13- pre calc 11

This week in PreCalc 11, we learned how to graph absolute value functions. An Absolute Value Functions is a function that has an expression within absolute value symbols. We were taught before that Absolute Values, was when the number is between the absolute value symbols must come out a positive. Example, | -2 | = […]

week 12 – pre calc 11

This week in Pre Calc 11, We learned how to solve systems of equations using substitution. A way to solve a linear system or quadratic system or both is to use the substitution method. We do this by substituting a y-value in an equation with the other. to start you first substitute y in the […]