Week 9 in math 10 – polynomials

In week 9 of math 10 we revisited the past by looking at what we learned about polynomials in grade 9. Most of the week was based on reviewing and reminding our brains of what we did, which I had to re-teach myself a bit of the missing parts. We learned about the different types of binomials, trinomials, monomials, etc. we learned how to add like terms and resolve the question to our best abilities. We used grids and diagrams to assist us in resolving questions and we also used foil (finding the product of the first, outside, inside then last terms.) Ms. Burton taught us foil kind of like a claw method so everything multiplies with everything in the opposite bracket.

(4a+7) (2a+2)

  1. 4a x 2a= 8a^2
  2. 4a x 2= 8a
  3. 7 x 2a= 14a
  4. 7 x 2=14
  5. combine like terms
  6. 8a^2 +22a + 14

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