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Science 9 app review

Problem: when you are looking for one certain video on YouTube it can be difficult to find the exact video. Because you have to look through a bunch of other videos before you can find the right one.

Dream: I wish that there was an easier way to find the video you wanted instead of it taking so long to find the right video. Because non-technical people wouldn’t know how find the exact video and they would just find a replica. Because there are some science videos where you could have false information.

Deliver: On YouTube I learned that there is a way to go to a section for example sports or music on the right of the screen, which makes it a bit easier to find the category of the video you are looking for. So if you go on Youtube and you are looking for a science video you can find the section which will make it easier. There are also other video apps that are only for science like learn360.

Debrief: I think Youtube is a very useful app if you know how to use it. Sometimes it can be very hard to find the exact video that you are trying to find especially if the video isn’t very popular. Youtube is a good app for finding science videos because it doesn’t limit you to just one type of scientific video.



Makena Lau- Toothpaste hypothesis

If you change the tube that you used into a flask then the foam will shoot up instead of just spilling out the top of the tube, because the tube will be more like a volcano shape and it will cause pressure that will make it shoot up.