Week 9- precalc 11

This week we continued to go over quadratic functions. I learned that you could model problems with quadratic equations, for example: Find two integers with a sum of 24 and the greatest possible product. x+y= 2 product is a multiplication word so we know that we have to multiply it to find it meaning that […]

week 8- pre calc 11

This week was a tough week coming back from spring break and my most struggle this week was trying to stay in focus the whole class since we had two weeks off I definitely missed a lot this week because I couldn’t keep in focus,  we learned how to graph quadratic equations, we learned that […]

week 7 – pre calc 11

The discriminant is the part of the quadratic formula under the square root. The discriminant can be positive, zero, or negative, and this determines how many solutions there are to the given quadratic equation. A positive discriminant indicates that the quadratic has two distinct real number solutions. A discriminant of zero indicates that the quadratic […]

Week 6- precalc 11

This week in pre calculus 11 we learned how to solve quadratic equations, which at first the concept was a bit confusing but after working in the workbook started to get much easier because I was starting to see the patterns of the equations and expressions.   Today we actually learned the third way of […]

Week 5- Pre calc 11

This week in PreCalc 11 we revisited the idea of factoring polynomial expressions like we learned last year in grade 10. For example when we started the practicing of factoring expressions I remembered that for the second number in the trinomial it was the sum of adding the two numbers together and the third number […]

Week 4 – Pre calculus 11

This week in Pre calculus 11 we learned how to multiply and divide radical expressions.   For multiplying radical expressions we learned and revisited the idea of foil which means (first, outside, inside, last) and that’s the order that you multiply it by. Once you’ve done that you combine the like terms together and start […]

Week 3 in Precalc 11

This week in Precalc 11 we learned how to simplify radical expressions. We learned about how to write mixed radicals as an entire radical. An example of this is that you would take a mixed radical and solve it to simplify it. 2 and then the next step is that you would add the 2 […]

Week 2- Pre Calculus 11

This week in pre calculus 11 we learned the other half of our sequence and series, we introduced geometric sequences, we learned that each term is multiplied by a constant, known as the common ratio like in the past week with series it was called the common difference. Tn-1 means the term in front of […]

Week 1- Precalculus 11

This week in pre calculus we re entered some past ideas of sequences and series and learned about arithmetic sequences. One thing that i really struggled with this week was finding the starting equation that i needed to solve for what the question was asking me. I kept confusing in my head which equation i […]