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The first shows that Ralph’s excitement when he first arrived on the island because there was no adult control.”Here was a coral island. Protected from the sun, ignoring Piggy’s ill-omened, he dreamed pleasantly.”(pg.10)

The second one is when Ralph blows the conch. “My ordinary voice sounded like a whisper after the harsh note of the conch.”

The third one is when there was a boat passing by, but because no one looked after the fire, it lost a chance to get a rescue.

The fourth one is when Jack has a tribe.

Through this project, we have a better understanding of the character. And more in-depth understanding, that is the turning point of the article, which time reflects Ralph’s leadership, but also saw Ralph’s change and progress. From the beginning Ralph was able to blow conch, I think this is a hint, suggesting that Ralph may have extraordinary talent. Gradually, he discovered the importance of Piggy and learned to listen to other people’s advice. He will use the father to be navy when the younger child starts to be frustrated and will get help to give the child hope. Ralph does not use fear tactics to win over the kids of votes of the chief of the island. Instead, he makes communication with others uses joy and happiness and gives them hope. Ralph realizes that hurting someone will make them dislike him, so he chooses to be friendly, organized, and highly motivated to find a way off the island. 


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