Week 11 in Math 10

This is the last week to study Factoring Polynomial Expressions Lesson.At this week, we review about Polynomial Operations Lesson and Factoring Polynomial Expressions Lesson. We did two classes’ prastice text. And after Finished found that some defects exist. Let me know, this unit is a very living unit, learning points of knowledge can be combined with the knowledge of the first few units,so not only review the knowledge of this unit point, but also indirectly review the knowledge of the first few units.This also sounded the alarm for the review of my midterm test,Review is not a unit or two things, but all the knowledge points learned before. So to review the comprehensive words, you should then sort through the knowledge of previous learning points, and to do the same mistakes before doing the same, let your brain start to recall those points of knowledge.Here are some of the questions I did not quite understand, did wrong and hesitated when I did my review exercises on Friday.


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