Math Weekly blog post #16

That week we did equations of lines and solving equation of graphs.

there is 3 kinds of equations of lines.

to find the slope the equations is y1-y2 divided by x1-x2

the first one is called the slope-y intercept equation which is y=mx+b. To solve for this one you have to obtain the slope which is your M and at least your y coordinate which is your B.

the second one is called general form which is Ax+By+C=0. The A has to be bigger than 0 and all has to be integers for this to work, also it has to equal always to 0. To do this you can just do the slope-y intercept equation and trasfer the Y to the other side and your done.

the most efficient one is the slope-point form which is m(x1-x2)=y1-y2. To solve this one you need the slope and 2 sets of coordinates a and you have you’re equation in just seconds.

this is the slope-point form equation turned to general form.

i only needed one set coordinate and a slope and turned it into general form and that’s what I learned this week.


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