Persuasive Project: Technology Good or Bad

What is technology? Well technology is a big piece on our life that we have now! Technology is a piece that is found everywhere! Technology to save lives! Technology to help learn faster! Technology to connect with everyone! Technology advances us and saves lives, how cool is that? Technology helps research how to develop cures for cancer and diseases, helps us build rockets to send a national hero like NEAL ARMSTRONG to explore space and see what’s out there, helps us understand how we could improve ourselves and better understanding of our environment. What’s more important is technology helps the new generation to learn faster, before you have to go to the library and search what you need and then the librarian tells you what book you need is not there, and create more trouble for you to go to the store to buy it, but with technology you can access Unlimited information and is only one search away! Phones helps us communicated with dear family and friends and connects people all over the world! What is technology? Well technology is the future! And the future is here to help!

Some people may argue that technology is detrimental to mankind, but is that true? Sure, it can be a major distraction and influence young minds negatively; however, it also had an undeniable great impact on humanity. Not only do we use it as a tool to our daily lives, but it helps keep us together and allows us to save more time in our daily live. According to statistics for 2018, almost half the people in the world’s population uses at least 1 social network. This is just one example of how many of us use technology in our daily lives. Many of us also make use of the tools and advantages that come with our devices. It informs us of appointments, important dates, and set up alarm for you in the morning so you don’t be late for school. According to an article by New York Times upfront, “music, sports, and culture spread easily across the globe, providing powerful links across international borders” (Csorba). It also saves so much time that can be spent with loved ones instead of taking so long trying to get simple task done. In conclusion, technology is a very helpful tool and provides us ways of communicating with each other. We can see now, more than ever, the way that technology is affecting us, and if it’s bad we try to stop it. Technology is evolving very quickly with advances in both medical and personal fields. We must be aware that if we choose to use technology the right way, it will lead us towards a bright future.


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