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I am a grade 9 student in Riverside Secondary School. I live with my mom and step dad and have been to many places such as california, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Kelowna and etc. I am a happy person who loves to pet animal whatever it is and lpve to play activities. My hobby is reading, playing basketball, talking to nice people and so forth. I love nature and books. That is all.

Persuasive Project: Technology Good or Bad

What is technology? Well technology is a big piece on our life that we have now! Technology is a piece that is found everywhere! Technology to save lives! Technology to help learn faster! Technology to connect with everyone! Technology advances us and saves lives, how cool is that? Technology helps research how to develop cures for cancer and diseases, helps us build rockets to send a national hero like NEAL ARMSTRONG to explore space and see what’s out there, helps us understand how we could improve ourselves and better understanding of our environment. What’s more important is technology helps the new generation to learn faster, before you have to go to the library and search what you need and then the librarian tells you what book you need is not there, and create more trouble for you to go to the store to buy it, but with technology you can access Unlimited information and is only one search away! Phones helps us communicated with dear family and friends and connects people all over the world! What is technology? Well technology is the future! And the future is here to help!

Some people may argue that technology is detrimental to mankind, but is that true? Sure, it can be a major distraction and influence young minds negatively; however, it also had an undeniable great impact on humanity. Not only do we use it as a tool to our daily lives, but it helps keep us together and allows us to save more time in our daily live. According to statistics for 2018, almost half the people in the world’s population uses at least 1 social network. This is just one example of how many of us use technology in our daily lives. Many of us also make use of the tools and advantages that come with our devices. It informs us of appointments, important dates, and set up alarm for you in the morning so you don’t be late for school. According to an article by New York Times upfront, “music, sports, and culture spread easily across the globe, providing powerful links across international borders” (Csorba). It also saves so much time that can be spent with loved ones instead of taking so long trying to get simple task done. In conclusion, technology is a very helpful tool and provides us ways of communicating with each other. We can see now, more than ever, the way that technology is affecting us, and if it’s bad we try to stop it. Technology is evolving very quickly with advances in both medical and personal fields. We must be aware that if we choose to use technology the right way, it will lead us towards a bright future.


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DOAS Monologue

I am a man who can’t even catch my parents’ attention, often wondering if I could ever get their approval one day. I often lie about who I am and what I do to empress women, so I can just sleep with them. My big brother, who I idolize, always get the attention I seek, but i cannot hate him, for I see him in a different light that overshadows my own. I try my hardest, but keeping jobs has been a trouble for I always sleep with my boss’s wife. I run, always running away from my problems by telling white lies and living on like everything is okay, but it’s not, for I live behind a shadow.

Blackout Poem – “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sing”

Poem Analysis

The poem, “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sing,” by Maya Angelou and is a poem about human rights. in the denotative side, the poem is about a caged bird who is so restricted, it cannot move around, shrilling and singing about freedom, and how the free birds just fly around wherever it wants and just be free. On a connotative point of view, it is about African American having less rights than a white person and how they are mistreated and are not being treated right as they should be. The theme of the poem, “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sing,” is how some people have more privilege than other human being, and Maya Angelou’s time before, the colored people were discriminated, and they had less rights than the white people, when riding the bus, the colored had to sit on the back, while the white sit on the front. This poem is significant due to how the author expressed that even though restricted and cannot move like other birds, it has its voice and can still be heard and can still expressed its emotion to others. One of the poetic devices used was personification, “the sighing trees,” when tress cannot express human emotion. The other poetic devices the author used is metaphor, which the two different birds serve as metaphors for people free from oppression and people who are oppressed by society. Finally, there is vivid imagery in the first stanza when the free bird “dips his wing/in the orange sun rays” and personification and alliteration in the fourth stanza when the caged bird’s “shadow shouts on a nightmare scream.”


LOTF- Morality Podcast

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“Lord of the Flies” – Island Description

(this post is about how the island, where the kids crash-landed, looks like to us.)

1.The island

“It was roughly boat-shaped: humped near this end with behind them the jumbled descent to the shore” (38)

2. Island

“They had guessed before that this was an island: clambering among the pink rocks, with the sea on either side, and the crystal heights of air, they had known by some instinct that the sea lay on every side.” (37)

3. Coral

“The reef enclosed more than one side of the island, lying perhaps a mile
out and parallel to what they now thought of as their beach”(38)


“Beyond falls and cliffs there was a gash visible in the trees; there were
the splintered trunks and then the drag, leaving only a fringe of palm
between the scar and the sea.” (39)

5.The lagoon

“Beyond the platform there was more enchantment. Some act of God – a typhoon perhaps… had banked sand inside the lagoon so that there was a long, deep pool in the beach with a high ledge of ping granite in further end.”(75)

6.Island –

“This an island. At least I think it’s an island. That’s a reef out in the sea” (Golding 7).


“When we were coming down I looked through one of them windows. I saw the other part of the plane… and that’s what this cabin has done” (Golding 8).

8.The Fort

“Pink tumbled boulders with guano layered on them like icing; and a steep slope up to the shattered rock that crowned the bastion” (115 book)

9.The Platform

“There was not enough soil for them to grow any height and when they reached perhaps twenty feet they fell and dried, forming a criss-cross pattern of trunks, bery convenient to sit on.”


“faced by the brute obtuseness of the ocean, the miles of
division, one was clamped down, one was helpless, one was condemned” (Golding 158).

“The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” Narrative

Ken Gabales

3 October 2017

English 11

Mr. Barazzoul

Sixth Dream of Walter Mitty

“He took one last drag on his cigarette and snapped it away. Then with that faint, fleeting smile playing about his lips, he faced the firing squad; erect and motionless, proud and disdainful, Walter Mitty the Undefeated, inscrutable to the last.”

“This one ain’t tough boys,” the Captain of the firing squad said. Mitty just laughed, “You’ll never take me alive!” “We’ll see about that, you murderer,” the captain snapped.

Walter slowly moved forward, holding his hands high, “well now boys, you don’t know who you’re messing with,” Mitty said. The fellow sniper asked his captain, “Are we sure about this, Captain,” he asked. “What if he’s not the one who murdered those innocent people?”

“Nobody asked you, Private!” the Captain snapped, “Now take aim and…”

In that moment Mitty, feeling the need to defend himself, rushed forward raising his fist…

“Hey, watch where you’re going, buddy,” said an annoyed gentleman, “Everybody’s trying to walk here, now you walk straight, too”

“I-I’m sorry, good sir,” stuttered Mitty, “I’ll be careful” “You better be,” the man said. Mitty sighed, “Why did the streets get so busy so suddenly?” Mitty tried to get out of the way of the incoming traffic in the sidewalk.

A young man said, “Hey, careful”

“Watch where you are stepping!” an old lady hissed disdainfully.

“I’m sorry,” Mitty said, and heading towards a bench and wondered, “What’s taking my wife so long?” Overhead, a train whistled and blared, and was preparing to depart for its next destination. A middle-aged man, with dirty smudges of coal stuck in his white shirt, yelled over to his young companion, “We need more coals, my god man, can’t you listen to instructions?”

The youngster laughed, “I’m terribly sorry, boss,” he said with a smile in his face, “I’ll get it right away” he scurried to opposite direction. The man said, “You better, you little rascal,” smile playing in his face, “We’re departing soon, so better hurry up!” he shouted.

Mitty, looking haggard from the day’s adventure with his wife, sat comfortably in the bench overlooking the Waterbury Train Station, and whistling a catchy tune…

“Train is going too fast, Mitty,” the conductor yelled, “At this rate we’re going to crash into the cargo train along with 500 passengers!”

A passenger train, called “Mon Cheri” with at least 500 passengers, was heading for New York until a radio message was received that they were on a collision course with a cargo train and was asked to stop.

“Deep breaths mate,” Mitty shouted over the wind, “I’ll save us, including the cargo train,and nobody knows how to drive trains like I do!”

The conductor looked at Mitty very seriously, “I very well know you can drive Mitty, but were on a crash course here and you very well know it!” the conductor exclaimed, “And we’re here sitting ducks waiting to be poached,” the man tried to pull the brakes, but the handle was broken.

Suddenly, Mitty had the craziest idea he ever thought in his life, “I know what to do!” “What!?” the conductor asked, “I know it’ll sound crazy, but trust me on this,” Mitty quickly revealed his ingenious plan with his friend. The conductor’s face paled, “But that’ll cause a hell of a pandemonium!

“Trust me, okay?” shouted Mitty, “We don’t have much of a choice here, and this is the only solution that I can think of” Mitty’s skin was glistening with sweat, thinking what absurd of a plan he just came up with…