Math 10 week #15

That week in math 10 we learned about slopes.Slope is a number that describes how steep the line is and what kind of slope it is.

There are four type of slopes: positive, negative,undefined, and zero

Positive slope goes up to right , negative slope goes down to the right from the left, undefined slope is vertical to the graph, and zero is the line which goes horizontally in the grid.

The formula of the slope is rise which how the line goes to the Y axis,divide by run which it goes to the X axis.

For example I start in the (-2,-1)  with a rise of 4 then had a run of 3 the equation for that would be y=4/3x-1.

That’s what I learned this week

Weekly blog post #13

Tell: This week in Math 10 we learned how to solve a function notation.

Show: You use function notation to find the y co-ordinate that is associated with the x c-ordinate on a graph within which the function equation is possible on. The way that function notation works is by first finding out the actual function.

To solve f(x)=9-2x and if the (x) were (-3) then the answer for this notification answer is 15

Math Weekly blog post #12

That week we did introduction in relations and funtions and how to do them.

a relation is how and equation in a X and Y axis has a pattern that is repeated all the time. function is a relationship between two variables. The first variable determines the value of the.

here is an example of a relation↓↓↓

in this picture there is so pattern in each question that has a repetition. In a graph the lines should connect because it is a continuous variable.


Weekly math blog post #11

What we did that week was how measurements connected to trigonometry. Measurements has 2 kinds that are commonly used, the Imperial measurement and the SI measurement(Metric). Trigonometry deals with the relations of the sides and angles of triangles and with the relevant functions of any angles.

what their connection is without knowing what measurements you are using (cm,m,mm,ft,in), you cannot solve trigonometry.

how to solve this is finding the missing side. To find the missing side of this triangle, I had to do Pythagoras( a^2+b^2=c^2). I had to add 4.8^2 +   9.3^2=c^2 and the answer is 109.53 squared which is 10.5