“Lord of the Flies” – Island Description

(this post is about how the island, where the kids crash-landed, looks like to us.)

1.The island

“It was roughly boat-shaped: humped near this end with behind them the jumbled descent to the shore” (38)

2. Island

“They had guessed before that this was an island: clambering among the pink rocks, with the sea on either side, and the crystal heights of air, they had known by some instinct that the sea lay on every side.” (37)

3. Coral

“The reef enclosed more than one side of the island, lying perhaps a mile
out and parallel to what they now thought of as their beach”(38)


“Beyond falls and cliffs there was a gash visible in the trees; there were
the splintered trunks and then the drag, leaving only a fringe of palm
between the scar and the sea.” (39)

5.The lagoon

“Beyond the platform there was more enchantment. Some act of God – a typhoon perhaps… had banked sand inside the lagoon so that there was a long, deep pool in the beach with a high ledge of ping granite in further end.”(75)

6.Island –

“This an island. At least I think it’s an island. That’s a reef out in the sea” (Golding 7).


“When we were coming down I looked through one of them windows. I saw the other part of the plane… and that’s what this cabin has done” (Golding 8).

8.The Fort

“Pink tumbled boulders with guano layered on them like icing; and a steep slope up to the shattered rock that crowned the bastion” (115 book)

9.The Platform

“There was not enough soil for them to grow any height and when they reached perhaps twenty feet they fell and dried, forming a criss-cross pattern of trunks, bery convenient to sit on.”


“faced by the brute obtuseness of the ocean, the miles of
division, one was clamped down, one was helpless, one was condemned” (Golding 158).