Matter Matters

Define: had you had breakfast this morning? like milk or fruits? was it cold? did your bananas have different colors? if your bananas did have different colors then you are describing physical properties of matter. there are two different types to describe the physical properties of matter. The Quantitative Properties are described as the amount measured. The Qualitative Properties is another physical properties,what is it? well, qualitative properties is an object or thing is described. An example of quantitative is how many pencils and pens are inside of a pencil case, and qualitative is how nice the pencils case looks. But, how do we know if it is Quantitative or Qualitative? how do we know which is which? will a cake be quality or quantity? Well, each physical properties can be  describe by the table: Captureso is the cake quantitative or Qualitative? It is Qualitative!!

Dream: How can we share this awesome information to everyone? Well we have websites, google, kahoot, and our awesome teachers to teach us about it! That is all I know about Matter!!