Smitty Character Sketch

K smith a.k.a “Smitty” from the “ to fishermen” has lots of interesting quality who was viewed the  wrong way. Smitty

is a middle aged man who is married and h “as 5 kids. F out going he is, Smitty does not, “look like a hangman”

(calllaghan 1) because of being the hangman, most people would think he was cold-hearted and a person who likes

bloodshed, but he is a short man who is, “ very enthusiastic” Callaghan 1) Smitty’s overall appearance can be

described as: large head, small chin, a birdlike neck, grey curly hair and a wistful smile. One of Smitty’s joy in life is

fishing, he would fish all day long until he would catch at least one fish.