March 15

The Time has Come for the Boston Red Sox


Dear Boston Red Sox: Win Already. Now. Please? This 2004 article was written by a Red Sox fan talking about how they have been a dumpster fire the last century and that this year (2004) was their year to win it all. I chose to this article because, although I don’t totally follow baseball, I am a big fan of sports. This article interested me because it shows the struggle, outrage, and heartbreak a fan has to go through to be a fan of a losing team for so many years. I really liked the authors style of writing because he makes connections of how other teams have won the World Series and the Red Sox still hasn’t, questioning, how hard can it be? The first thing that came to mind when reading this is the Vancouver Canucks. The Canucks have not been a good team for the majority of their lifetime. In the almost 50 years the team has been around, they have only made it to the Stanley Cup Finals 3 times in their history, getting swept 4-0 in the series against the Islanders in ’82. The way the author describes the team, using player names and such, illustrates his knowledge to the sport and gives me trust that he knows what he is talking about. This article was written in 2004, and they have won 4 World Series since this article came out. This article clearly gave them good luck so I guess I will close this blog log by saying, Dear Vancouver Canucks: Win Already. Now. Please?

March 1

We found our Son on the Subway

This article is about how a man was riding the subway one day when he found a new-born baby in the corner of the station. He called everyone he could but nobody, not even the police, believed him. I really liked the content of this article because it is a true story but it is something that would never happen in your life. It is cool to believe that something this crazy could happen to somebody else but I would never want to be put in that situation. I really liked how the author uses imagery to paint a picture for the reader. He properly describes the subway station he found the baby as well as the energy and stress the man was feeling on the phone with his partner. A connection I made to this story was the subways in New York. I understand that the events in this story don’t happen often, but if I was to guess a city this would happen in I would guess New York. I remember when I went to New York you would see the most random stuff in the Subway Stations. The first time I went the subways closed due to flooding from a hurricane but I remember seeing people walking out of the flooded stations and they were sopping wet.

January 7

Desmos Art Functions Card 2018

To figure out which equations to use, I used a lot off the paper we got at the beginning of the year with lots of different types of functions on it. Most of the time I would just envision what I wanted my picture to look like, and decide which function would work best for what I was trying to do. I faced lots of challenges while doing this project, one of them being finding the time to do it, I was away all of Winter Break so it was really difficult to find time to do it, I mostly did it late at night when I couldn’t fall asleep. However, one night my computer randomly restarted and I lost everything and had to start basically from scratch. I was so demotivated after this and didn’t want to do it but I redid everything and it probably turned out better. Other than google I didn’t get any help with this project. This assignment really helped by understanding of function because seeing and visualizing all the functions and how they can mesh together to form a picture is really neat.

October 21

Mount St. Helens Blog Post

  1. Humans interacted with the eruption because it killed 57 people. Another human interaction is that scientists shot lasers at the mountain so see how much it was growing. The last human interaction is that hundreds of trees were planted in hopes to rebuild the forest that was previously there
  2. I asked my dad what he remembered from the Mount St. Helens eruption. He was only 7 years old when it happened and from what he remembered he said that it was all over the news as hurricanes are today. He said that the smoke from the eruption was similar to the smoke we have in the summer from the forest fires. He remembers thinking that he had no idea that volcanoes were capable of erupting where he is from.
October 18

Current Events – Geography is Action

For my current events project I chose to use the wildfires in California. In California, there have been wildfires across the state since July of 2018. This has impacted the people of California because it has destroyed over 700 homes and estimated upward of 300,000 acres of land. The fires are allover the state from Redding in North California to Riverside County in Southern California. The fires have been occurring since July until present day. People have been left with nothing and have been trapped since. The fires got so bad that they had to shut down the famous park, Yosemite. People are responding by doing there best to give the needed people shelter and helping them through this tough situation. Some of the solutions to prevent wildfires are, making sure you are following laws, like not throwing cigarette butts on the ground in hot weather, don’t light campfires in areas that aren’t under control, and making sure the area you are in is not prone to wildfires. The only solution that may be a little controversial is not lighting campfires. People who are camping will not like this because everyone likes a campfire before bed to warm them up and give good times. I’m sure that people would not like this solution, however they will understand why they have to follow it. This situation makes me feel scared because they are a lot of wildfires in the summer around here so knowing that this could possibly happen to me is scary and I don’t want to. I know people in the interior who have been very close to having there house burn down so going through that would be very stressful. I would propose a solution to make sure every adult and every child is properly educated on the effects and dangers wildfires bring.


Causes, Effects and Solutions of Wildfires

October 18

Volcano Lab

  1. The flow of our volcano what quick. I did not notice any gas but the liquid that was coming out was coming out quickly. As it moved lower down it became slower and stopped near the bottom of the volcano. It never managed to reach our village however not all of our baking soda reacted.
  2. The lava from the volcano in the video was moving slowly and was going through everything in its path. It was destroying everything that was in its way and would ruin a places landscape wherever it went.
  3. Volcanic activity is important for Hawaii because without it, there would be no Hawaii. Hawaii is completely formed by volcanoes so if there was no Volcanoes there, there would be no islands there.
  4. The people responded by evacuating the area which they had time to do because it was moving slowly.
  5. If there were volcanic activity where I live I would grab everything that is important to me and get as far away as possible as quickly as possible. I would also make sure everyone is okay and nobody is trapped in danger.
October 9

Wegener’s Shoes Writing Assignment

Most may believe the world has always been the way it is now, separated into seven continents far from each other and that’s never changed. What if I told you about continental drift? What if I told you that at one point the land of the world was all connected into one continent called Pangea? Well that might just be the case and I am going to prove to you why.

To start out with, when looking at a map of the world, it is clear that parts of the world look like they can fit perfectly together like a puzzle piece. The bump on the coast of eastern South America and the indent on the coast of western Africa are nearly identical and look like they once were connected. These continents are almost 3000 kilometres so it would be a crazy coincidence if they happen to look like a puzzle piece without ever having been connected to each other.

The second piece of evidence is that fossils have been found of the same creature on different continents that could not have possibly swum across the oceans. The Lystrosaurus, for example, is one where fossils have been found is different continents like, Antarctica, South America, and Africa. The Lystrosaurus is one that was not capable of swimming or flying, so how did they exist on separate continents? This is because they all existed on one continent, Pangea, until it broke up into the continents we see today. Other extinct animals like the Cynognathus has been found in multiple continents like Africa and South America, or the Lystrosaurus which has been found in both Antarctica and India.

Thirdly, the climate around the world we know today doesn’t quite match up to the nature around it. Glaciers have been found in some of the warmest areas around the world, so why is there glaciers there? Because they were once considered the coldest areas. Also tropical plants have been found in areas we now consider the arctic. The movement of the continents have been consistent, meaning that the warm areas of the world that have glaciers, like Africa, South America and Australia, are consistently moving away from Antarctica, which they were once connected to.

Lastly, mountain ranges seem to continue on through continents. The Appalachian Mountains stretch from Southeast Canada, to the Southern part of the United States of America. But mountain in Ireland, Britain, and Scandinavia have been proven to have originated from the same mountain range. This means that at one point in time these mountains were connected, and the continents were connected.


The worlds geography we know today, was not always like this, and once existed as one supercontinent known as Pangea, this is proven with the continents looking like they fit together perfectly, the same fossils being found on different sides of the world, the climate being inconsistent with the surrounding environment, and mountain ranges thousands of kilometers away from each other being proven to have once been connected.