March 15

The Time has Come for the Boston Red Sox


Dear Boston Red Sox: Win Already. Now. Please? This 2004 article was written by a Red Sox fan talking about how they have been a dumpster fire the last century and that this year (2004) was their year to win it all. I chose to this article because, although I don’t totally follow baseball, I am a big fan of sports. This article interested me because it shows the struggle, outrage, and heartbreak a fan has to go through to be a fan of a losing team for so many years. I really liked the authors style of writing because he makes connections of how other teams have won the World Series and the Red Sox still hasn’t, questioning, how hard can it be? The first thing that came to mind when reading this is the Vancouver Canucks. The Canucks have not been a good team for the majority of their lifetime. In the almost 50 years the team has been around, they have only made it to the Stanley Cup Finals 3 times in their history, getting swept 4-0 in the series against the Islanders in ’82. The way the author describes the team, using player names and such, illustrates his knowledge to the sport and gives me trust that he knows what he is talking about. This article was written in 2004, and they have won 4 World Series since this article came out. This article clearly gave them good luck so I guess I will close this blog log by saying, Dear Vancouver Canucks: Win Already. Now. Please?


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