Rebellion of 1837 Video Discussion

  1. Make sure all of parts 1-2 of Essay #1 organizer is complete.
  2. Find a group of 3 and record the video discussion.
    • Make sure you think about the questions before answering.
    • Post your video before the beginning of next class
  3. Prepare for Essay #1 for next day.


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The Fur Trade

Fur Trade

Complete all of Part 1 of Movie Pitch Organizer




Aboriginal Women:



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Creating your Virtual Museum

  1. Review your group members’ work.
    • Colour code your organizer if group work is a problem.
  2. Upload your organizer to the hand-in folder with all group members names in the file.
  3. Each group member will create an account with Artsteps, In3DGallery or
    • Be aware of image limits
    • All group member should use the same website to stay consistent.
  4. Upload the information you gathered in your organizer and the images in your shared folder to the chosen program to create your Virtual Museum.
  5. Post a link to each museum on one of your blogs with all your names listed. (embed if possible)
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