On December 9th, my class had a Skype Chat with an astroscientist, her named is Tanya Harrison. She used to work with NASA and she studies space but more specifically mars and the mars rovers. Our Skype Chat was an opportunity for our class to ask her any questions we had about space, because that’s the chapter we are learning in our science 9 class.

Tanya was super helpful and even knew all the answers to all of our questions, she was super knowledgable, it was super cool to be able to ask a real person the answers to our questions, not just learning from a textbook. During our class every group got the chance to ask a question that they had, here are some of the questions and what her answers were:

Why do you love your job? Since she’s been a little girl she’s always loved space and wanted to be involved somehow with working space. She always thought space was super cool, especially mars.

Which rover were you most involved in? She’s been involved with multiple rovers but the one that she’s been most involved in over the years was the “Curiosity”.

What’s the longest time a rover has lasted on mars? The rover that lasted the longest was the “Opportunity” rover. It lasted a surprisingly long time, it was suppose to last 90 days but it lasted 12 years, thats incredible.

After the Skype Chat I definitely felt like I had learned something. She had so much information to share with us, it was a really cool way to start off our space unit in science 9.IMG_7472

This is a photo from our Skype Chat. Everyone in our class got to ask a question that we had for Tanya and she could answer all the questions.