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Statistic Partner Project

Math Statistics Project

Literature Circles Individual Project

Sea Devil Comic

Character Paragraph

In the short story The Friday that Everything Changed  by Anne Hart, Alma Niles is one of the main characters and…

4 Terms Sketch

A Mountain Journey Questions

            1. What was Dave Conroy doing out in the wilderness? He was travelling somewhere…

All About Me

Every one of these pictures is very important to me; they represent memories, happiness and friendship. Over the years of…

Mon identité virtuelle vs. Mon identité réelle

The Friday that Everything Changed (questions & vocab)

They boys get upset because carrying the water bucket was always their job. They could get out of class and…

Podcast Épisode #4: La Dernière Tour

Description: Bonjour et bienvenue à les auteurs d’horreur! Voici la quatrième et dernière podcast dans la série “La Douzième Heure”….

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