Another Friday morning rolls around as I sleep soundly in my very comfortable bed. I hear birds chirping outside my window and my mother cooking breakfast in the kitchen, like she does every morning, as I’m getting ready for school. That is when I realize I didn’t set my alarm. I sit straight up in my bed to check my phone. It reads: 8:56am and school starts at 9. I jump out of bed, run to my closet and I throw on the first pair of pants I see. I shove my laptop and binder into my backpack and as I’m leaving my room, I grab my favorite grey hoodie and close the door behind me.  I spend thirty seconds in the bathroom brushing my teeth like it is an Olympic sport and I have the fastest time.  I throw my hair in a bun on top of my head without even taking the time to brush it. I then grab my backpack and keys and I head out the door. As the door shuts behind me I hear my mother yell,


“No honey, there’s no sch-,“


I was in too much of a rush hear anything she said. I look down at my phone and it reads: 9:06am. I’m going to be so late, I think to myself.  I head down to the parking garage of my apartment complex. I unlock the doors, throw my bag to the backseat and start up the car. I speed out of the underground and onto the street. Luckily, I live close to the school so the drive would be quick. I pull over to the curb outside the front of the school because I figured the parking lot would be full of cars by now. I grab my bag and shut my car door closed and as I run towards the school I lock my car behind me. I look down at my phone again and it reads: 9:14am. I notice that the teacher’s parking lot is full as I am walking up to the front doors. I yank the heavy doors open with all my might. I run up the main stairwell of the school to get to my first class of the day, which of course, is the very last classroom.  As I go to step into my classroom the door is closed, locked and the lights are off.


Well that’s kind of odd, I think to myself, looking around at the other classrooms. I had been so focused on getting to my class I hadn’t noticed all the lights in all the other classrooms were off as well. I look up at the clock hanging on the wall and it reads 9:22am, yet there is no one here. Then I think, well, maybe there is an assembly or something and I just forgot. As I head down to the gym I hear voices that I recognize coming towards me. I round the corner and it’s my favorite teacher, Mr. Johnny. He looks confused when he see’s me and he asks,


“Christa, what are you doing here?”


“Well hello to you too,” I reply, “I was late for school and forgot we had an assembly today but here I am.”


“What are you going on about Christa? There is no assembly today.”


“There is not?”


“No, we do not even have school today, it’s a Pro-D day.” My jaw drops.


“So you are telling me that I woke up early and got ready for school on a day we did not even have school,” I said in an annoyed tone.


“You got it right,” Mr. Johnny says laughing to himself.


I huff back to my car parked on the side of the road and I notice that the student parking lot is completely empty. I guess I was too focused on getting to class I did not even notice.I pull back into the underground of my building and go up the elevator.  I walk into my apartment and I see my mom waiting for me at the table set with breakfast.


“I knew you would realize sooner or later and you can not tell me I did not try to warn you,” my mom says putting food on her plate. I sit down next to her and put two waffles on my plate. I think to myself, at least I get to spend the day with my mom, and a smile grows across my face as I pour syrup and strawberries over my crisp golden waffles.