My best friends and I had a plan to go on vacation this summer. We drove down the West Coast of Washington, Oregon and finally, into California. We planned to visit the famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, gorge out on In –N – Out burgers and most of all swim in the ocean on Laguna Beach. Towards the end of our trip the three of us, Serena, Blair and I, rented a small Air B&B near downtown Los Angeles. We decided to walkthe world renowned Walk of Fame in the morning and hit the beach in the afternoon. After the Walk of Fame we headed back to our Air B&B to put on our bathing suits and pack a lunch. We called an Uber to come pick us up and we headed for Laguna Beach.


The beach is absolutely packed with people. There are surfers riding the waves, an intense beach volleyball tournament and what looked like Laguna Beach’s very own Tour de France all right in front of us on the warm California beach. The second we step out of the Uber, the sun radiates its heat directly on us and we are instantly sweating. We walk the boardwalk down to a perfect patch of soft sand, just right for the three of us.


“I’m dying over here, we’ve got to go in the water right now or I’m going to melt,” complains Serena, ripping her teal tank top off.


“Okay drama queen, let’s go,” Blair responds sarcastically, rolling her eyes.


We sprint down the beach towards the beautiful blue water leaving our towels and backpacks behind. We crash through the initial shallow white water waves and into the deep blue ocean. The refreshing cold water-cools us down immediately and we instantly feel better.


“Wow, look over there,” I shout pointing towards the mob of surfers riding massive waves.


“That looks like so much fun,” Blair responds, “I wish we could do that.”


“Maybe we can,” Serena adds suggestively.  “If we just swim out deeper the waves will bring us in naturally and it’ll be like were riding them.”


“I don’t know, seems kind of dangerous,” Blair says.


“It will be fun, come on, be adventurous,” I say as I start swimming deeper into the salty sea. Blair and Serena follow close behind me and we begin to approach a big wave.


“Okay,” I scream back to them, “This is the one! 3…2…1…” On cue, all three of us turn around so our backs are to the humongous wave. I feel the wave begin to push me towards the sandy beach and before I know it the wave has taken complete control. I start tumbling and spinning inside this whirlwind wave and I cannot tell which way is up until I hit my head on the sea floor and now know which way is down. I manage to place my feet on the slippery, slimy ocean floor and regain my balance. I pop my head up above the water and take a deep breath in. The water was cold, but I feel an extra chill come over me that I am not used to. I look down and realize that while I was being spun around like clothes in a washing machine, my bikini top had come off and I had just flashed the entire Laguna Beach. A few seconds later Serena and Blair pop their heads above the surface and I immediately call out to them. They turn around and swim over to me at what seemed the slowest pace they could possibly go.


“What is wrong?” asked Blair.


“My bikini top, it is gone,” I said.


“I have an extra one,” Serena says, “Let me go grab it.” Serena swims to shore and grabs the extra bathing suit top. I throw it on and quickly swim out of the water. Serena and I grab the backpacks and towels while Blair calls us an Uber to take us back to the hotel. As we leave the beach, I laugh to myself because I cannot stop thinking about how embarrassing that experience was, and how I know Serena and Blair will never let me live it down.