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To My Grade 11 Self

Dear grade 11 self, You need to take more time finding evidence and making your ideas clearer for your essays….

Shakespeare Workshop

I really liked the tableaus and when we acted out scenes in groups because it required us to work together…

Compare and Contrast Essay

This is an embedded Microsoft Office document, powered by Office Online. 2 things I did well are my conclusion and…

The Gusty Bike Disaster

narrative-essay-bike 2 things I did well are: showing not telling and my sentence fluency 2 things I need to work…

Inquiry post for “What Do You Remember Of The Evacuation?”

How does racism affect our society? In the the poem “What Do You Remember Of The Evacuation?” by Joy Kogawa,…

Me-n-Ed’s pizza, a crowd pleaser

Me -n-Ed’s Pizza Parlor holds a special place in my heart. From their delectable freshly made pizzas to their welcoming…

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