The process of making this project was a bit difficult at first because I wasn’t very familiar with using Desmos to create more than just a simple graph. I needed help learning how to shade my graphs but once I learned how to do it one the first one I could input the names of the new graphs and it became easy from there. I started off by making a very plain outline on Desmos of what I wanted by just making a tree and my body with a head and hair which made it easier to add details later because I knew where they needed to go. 

Some problems I faced was with my shading. Often times the shading wouldn’t be exactly how I wanted it and some parts would be left unshaded. For example, at first the trunk of my tree would only be shaded in the middle because of the certain function I imputed but I fixed this by making the bottom line of the trunk three separate pieces so the left side and right side would be shaded too.

A strategy I used was going through my notes to remember the functions I needed to use and what they looked like so I could decide how make them into images. I enjoyed doing this project because it was a creative way to use all the graphs we’ve been learning and to make an actual image out of the functions we’ve learned how to graph.