It is worth listening to all opinions

Conversation with someone who is baseless and doesn’t agree with my will is just a waste of time, I’ve thought so. Zachary R. Wood describes people who had different opinions from himself by combining experiences; for instance, they consist of the conflict with his mother, some stupid books of racism, and racism in his school. I pretty like his insightful and deep opinions, made by his own experiences. Reading this transcript reminds me of the history of North and South Korea. They became divided countries since two politicians conflict with their own political ideas. At the first time, they had the same goal that was to make a better country than past days. In my opinion, something could be different if they did not just force their idea. People all have different ideas and opinions, and Zachary R. Wood suggests us to understand the opposite views with unfamiliar perspectives, for building or creating their own strong opinions, and I feel like this talk would be the best advice for some serious conversation of my life.