Pay It Forward Reflection

Pay it forward describes a good theory, but the theory is just one of the possibilities, it cannot be real. I think it is impossible, unrealistic, and utopian. A lot of people might be influenced by Pay It Forward, but a lot of people do not mean all people. The standard of each people is different. The movie wants to explain and describe the message which is our world will be peaceful if people help other people. I think we already know it, and why we do not act it even if we know the theory is humans are different, selfish, and egoists. If you read an ethical or philosophical book, all authors will emphasize it. Unless Jesus comes here and becomes a king of the world, it is impossible that all opinion of all people to make one way. Mr. Simonette referred the prediction of adults in the world to students in seventh grade. I liked the sentences because literally adults can predict everybody cannot be elites for the society because they have met a lot of people in their life and finally got the result. It means that they had to accept that everybody cannot be same. The end of the movie is Trevor is killed by other students, and his friends, family, and the people who are influenced by Pay It Forward praise for Trevor. If Pay It Forward is possible, Trevor would not need to be killed. The people saw his possibility, and it became evidence abouhis utopia. Of course, we cannot guess the future about if he is alive. A few, no. A lot of people are influenced by Pay It Forward. However, I cannot be sure if it is really possible while we are living in the world which the different people are living in.