Fahrenheit 451 Visual

My image represents the main background of Fahrenheit 451. There is a person who seems to want to read a brightly shining book in the photo. However, a big hand holds a lace of the eye patch of the person, and the other big hand drops a burning match to the book. First of all, the hands represent the government. They try to prevent the people to know the existence of books and to read. One of the hands are holding the lace, and another hand is throwing a match to book. The used match means firemen, who burn books and a house, so I did not draw the effects of the light that is described in the book. Lastly, the dependent person represents the people in that society, and the light from the book represents the power books have. In contrast, it is impossible seeing the effects because of the eyepatch. The novel, Fahrenheit 451 describes the social issue about the influence of not reading books with the interesting dystopian background, and it was enjoyable for me.