Government and Geography; Create a country

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  • Describe the purpose of the project (ie. making connections between Government and Geography, etc.)
  • Doing this project was such a nice opportunity to review interestingly what we learned in this unit. For instance, how people can relate the geography to the government and industry. In the beginning, I felt tired a bit to do the new project again, but this was so interesting, so I could sincerely enjoy to do it. my original purpose was to review and perfectly review the government unit and geography unit and to make some connections to understand it, so I could get the best product I could.
  • What did you do, that would demonstrate your ability to accomplish the purpose (use evidence from your project)?
  • I share my work with other people even outside of the class. I got the more critical opinion of people and kept fixing my project.
  • What were the benefits of being able to view and peer review of other projects? How did this inform the changes you made?
  • I could refer to other projects with my project to make my work better, and it was nice to get more information on what I needed.
  • What changes have you made to your project that resulted in your end product? Why have you made those changes?
  • Because I referred to critical pieces of advice that my peers recommended. I could make up for my fault or weak points, and it helped to my final product.
  • What competency does either the project or the process reflect most? Using evidence from what you have completed, how does your product or the creative process demonstrate that competency?
  • In my opinion, critical was the biggest part of this project. I had to develop our thinking and design everything new for our project. We needed to share the opinions of our projects and process it nicer.