September foods reflection

I chose to reflect on this lab because i really liked this lab and i feel like it turned out really well, and i have not made any kind of jam before so this was all new to me which i found very cool, and it was also a fun lab. This lab was fun i wouldn’t put it in my favorites, but i did find it fun to make, and i also had fun making it with my group. The end product was good, but i feel like it could have been better, i feel like if we used a lighter apple then it would not have floated to the top. Other than this small problem it turned out great. My group worked pretty well together but i feel like we could have had better communication. Why i say this is because we did not take a picture of the mis en plus the picture i have is another groups, i feel like if i maybe asked them or if i told them to wait so that we could take [pictures we could have been more organized. I loved this lab, but if i was to do it again i think the only change i would make is i think i would try to make peach jam or raspberry jam instead, i liked apple jam but now since i have already tried it i would want to switch it up and make a different flavor.