Stereotypes and different cultures

One thing I am proud of on my essay is that I really tried to incorporate different quotes, they may have not been relevant quotes at times, but I am proud that I tried my best to incorporate them. One thing I want to work on is having better descriptive words, because when you use words that pop and are euphonic, I feel it adds a lot to the story. One more thing that I want to improve on for grade 12 is the flow of my essays because without good flow the story will not make sense/ will not sound good. I’ve noticed that in some of my recent writing assignments you have said I need to improve on the flow in some sections, so I will definitely try and fix that for my narrative essay!


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Totem Response

Bringing it all together. Answer the following question in a short paragraph:

In your opinion, based on the theme of this story, how has Canadian history and attitudes shaped the First People of Canada’s identity?

First nations people now days are not the same as people think they are. We picture first nations with feathers on there head carving totem poles on there land, but in reality they are just normal people that look like me or the average person. This will affect first nations people also because they are the ones being stereotyped. People also think all first nations people are the same where there are many different  tribes and there are so many different people in the culture, so many different personalities as well.