Socials Indian School Reflection

I believe that the residential schools really had a huge impact in what people views are on the Indian society today, I believe that when they beat down the Indian culture they really did it well and made them forget who they really are. I believe that the school systems really focused on killing traditions so that they had nothing to resort back to or remember. The Indian culture is very respected today for teaching lessons on loving the earth and making it home, when these schools were open they tried to make it look like that the Indian culture was a bad thing even though it is one of the best cultures on earth. Getting rid of there language and not letting them speak it was really hard to come home to because the parents could not communicate with there children, which was also hard for the children. Overall we will always remember that these schools were wrong for so many different reasons.

What i know about Canada’s national conflicts

I dont know much but i have seen a lot of war movies and i am very interested in the topic. I know that Canada played a huge role in the world wars, i believe Canada helped Germany in either the ww1 or ww2 and played a part in that but i do know that Canada being so big could help a lot, and i also believe that if Canada didint help out that the WW would be completely different. but i do not know a lot about Canada in the wars and i am exited that this year i will get to learn more about Canada contributed to the world wars.

How to identify Canada and being Canadian

Soccer in Canada is very popular, lots of different teams from the MLS are from Canada and this has made a impact on me in a way, because this made me love soccer. and im sure it made a lot of other people love this sport also. one of the MLS teams you might know is the Vancouver whitecaps which is Vancouver team.p

Canada is also very big for hockey many countries actually know Canada to be the country that loves hockey, hockey has changed many peoples lives in a huge way because Canada promotes hockey and who doesn’t enjoy a good game of hockey.