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My Mexico Trip

The trips I have been on to Mexico have been the best experiences of my life, but the trip this summer that I just went on was my favourite. I have been to Mexico 3 times, but this time was the best because there was so much to do. Here I will be talking about my trip to Mexico and why it was so special.


It all starts in the morning hearing that alarm clock going off: “beep beep beep”, the sound that we dread so much. After we hear this, you look over and see in bolded red that you have woken up 15 minutes late, and now you have to skip eating breakfast because there is no time left. After stretching my legs, taking that first step onto the cold carpet, all I can think is: “oh my goodness its so cold”. I quickly slipped on my toasty slippers and all of a sudden I felt warmth. This trip was very sad in a way, because my brother Chris was not coming with me, my brother Jacob, and my mom because he was taking summer classes at BCIT. Still we were going to Mexico with or without him, so it is still going to be fun.


After the shock of waking up in the morning, I sprayed water in my face and thought “I’m ready to go”. My brother Chris agreed to drive us in the morning in my mom’s silver van because it has the most space. Putting my suitcase into the van is like putting the soccer ball in the soccer net, every time you do so you have to start over, and putting this suitcase into the van was like I get to have a break for 10 days. As you probably know I really like soccer. Checking twice we all do it making sure we don’t forget anything I don’t think so, but as I arrived in Mexico this may change. Sitting down in the middle seat with a suitcase piled on top of me to make space, the smell of the fresh pine car re-freshener woke me up a bit more. Driving to that airport was the longest drive of my life because I was feeling so tired at 5AM just wanting to be in Mexico already. At the airport me my brother Jacob and my lovely mother were ready to go, but it felt like we were missing something. That something was my brother Chris, it would not be the same without him, but we would have to deal with it. That goodbye was the hardest goodbye for us, and as I sipped on my A&W root beer my phone lit up with my soccer ball background, but one more color popped up as brightest color there: yellow. It was Snapchat, and I opened the picture from Chris and what was inside this picture was very sad, it was a picture of our table, but it was only him sitting at it. Poor guy.


Getting on that plane hearing the rough coughs of strangers, I saw a cute little baby poke his head through the crack of the two seats ahead of me. I was lucky that I got to sit with my mom, and Jacob got to sit with his girlfriend Karlee. The plane takes off hearing that powerful engine roar, lifting off the ground feeling sick, to only realize flying is not very dangerous, were off the ground. I hear a loud beep “this is your captain speaking I’m glad to inform you that were 10 minutes out from Los Cabos, Mexico”. What the flight just started, I guess I slept through most of it all I remember is hearing the high pitch whine of a baby crying and hearing the soothing voice of a flight attendant if I wanted a cookie. I looked outside to see the bright warm, blue sky outside. I stood up only to feel some pain but stretching out helped get that out quickly. All 4 of us met up in the Mexico airport ready to go to our hotel.



We arrived at our hotel, with the bright pink sky looming overhead and the smell of fresh quesadillas in the air. I looked over and saw that there was a man handing out drinks as we waited to check in, so I took a Coca-Cola and started to look out over the resort. This resort was small, but it looked like it used its space well. It had two pools, two restaurants, and some other cool stuff. My mom said to me “we are checked in let’s go” , and I jumped with joy ready to go. The next couple of days were filled with lots of delicious food and lots of sports. Sitting by the pool watching kids play, seeing the waiters in their all white outfit asking people if they need anything. That was my first day of the 10-day trip and most of this trip is repetitive, so I will cut to the exiting parts. One thing I will not leave out is waking up every morning to the smell of fresh bacon and fresh food, my mom would come back to the table with 10 pounds of bacon as we would say.


About the 7th day in or so we went out on a trip to explore the tequila factories and to see the real parts of Mexico. It was a cool thing to do, but our driver was very passionate about his job. Honestly, it was rather boring as we were in a car for at least 5 hours in one day simply driving around Mexico. On the other hand, I guess you have to see the real Mexico once you’re there, not the ‘perfect’ Mexico the resorts try to perceive. One thing that is so easy to remember is one of the candies that I had, I forget what it was called, tasted like dirty socks. I know I haven’t eaten or tasted dirty socks but sometimes you just know and this time I knew.


This was the trip of the lifetime and it sucks that my brother could not come on it but I’m also glad that I got to have so much fun even without one of my family members with me. I hope that I will be able to do it again soon with all my family members with me.