Math 9 Final Review 2017


The difference between these two numbers is that the one on the bottom will be an even number where the top number will still be negative.




if the negative is outside the brackets and the exponent is negative then the answer will be negative.


Brandsma Principal

Principals of learning post

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First nations people believe that learning supports your well being which I completely understand and agree with, I will support this by giving an example – after you learn something you didn’t already know you feel good and you overall feel better than you just did, mostly because you feel empowered. Also work takes determination or courage and without these two significant attributes you would not be able to complete your goal or learn anything, you always must be determined.


First nations people are deep with what they say one of the things they said was meaningful, and that was “learning is like teaching a person’s heart” and this is completely true, because especially if you have a passion of what you are doing then it would be easier to work on since you like what you would be doing. One other thing that the first nations people said is “learning is recognizing the knowledge of someone else” which is true because if you learn something from someone else you have to acknowledge there beliefs and what they think and what they have learnt already because you cant act like you already knew what they told you even if you did.


What we have done related to sustainability is are last project where we had to try something that we would regularly not do like ride the bus or use cold water and this is the stuff that we need to start doing to change the way we live and make the world sustainable. Especially for the people in the farther generations like our kids and grandchildren.


Interconnectedness is also one of the biggest things, because if we start to do little things and then other people will start to do it and this will go global because if we all start to do it then this will bring down our emissions and this will make our world a better place.

11.4 misleading statistics

This would effect people in a way that people with fake accounts or have fake news, would persuade people into things that are not true. Also sometimes fake accounts might want to target in things you like so they monitor your searches and stuff like that, after they know what you like then they will know whether to bother you or not. all fake accounts have goals in what they are trying to do, some try to make you like something, some make you try to do something, but in the end all they want is your feedback, fake news is almost like someone saying lays is the best chips brand and then posting it on social media after a couple months then you would get lots of feedback which is exactly what the person wants. After seeing fake news it makes you believe them because they are presenting it as if the news is true, so this makes you doubt your thoughts and just go with what the majority of the people want.This is how fake accounts and fake news would affect people.

France and north america


France and North America

Use the information from the completed chart to write the paragraph.

Question: How did France expand its control in North America?

France expanded its control in North America in several ways. Religion sent Jesuits to try to convert the firs nations to catholic. Made new France like France by making the seigneurial system like the feudal system. sent the courier de bois to gain more knowledge of the land. Habitants moved around to find places to work/farm. Nuns came to educate first nations people. Talons brought in many immigrants to settle in the land. woman moved to farms with there husbands to help farm. infrastructure such as lumber mills, tanneries, and breweries was established


  • I believe statistics are a great way to find out what you need, but people need to understand if you only survey 10 people then you could have had a bunch that are unbalanced where if you did up to maybe 1000 people then it would be a lot more balanced for the results.


  • I learned that statistics are pretty much how we find out what people like and dislike, for example how would we know that people like steak or chicken, how did we find out that is my point most things in life are made up of statistics, is this reliable though, it is to some extent, people have gotten lazy and started to minimize the people who are being asked, so this brings controversy because you do not know if the results are correct.


  • Some problems like i already stated above is that when you start to minimize the people who are being asked you do not know the whole populations idea because if you get the whole results you will have the answer and you will know for sure that it is correct, but like i said when you minimize it you will not get the whole populations idea.