Wasting Foods

I will admit i do waste a lot of food and my family does also, this does not mean i do it on purpose or my family does. We waste a lot of food because we have no one to give it to if someone asked for our leftover food we would happily give it to them but if no one does then it is hard for us to keep it because if we keep the leftovers then they do not look as appetizing as when they were fresh personally and for most people i find myself throwing out a lot of leftovers and throwing out a lot of good food, also i throw out a lot of food that has expired even though it is still most likely fine to eat still. Some things i can improve on is choosing what i eat i should plan out what i eat so i know that there are no leftovers to throw away or that they are leftovers that i will eat. Another improvement that i can make is making the right amount of food for the right amount of people, always make sure that there is the correct amount of servings. A way that lots of us could cut down on waste is to plan out who is eating what you are making or what your buying, and make that much food so that there is the right amount of food. Also if you do end up with leftovers make sure that you are taking it for lunch or that you are not throwing it away.