Indigenous Food Map Reflection

The past week has been an important experience for me to understand the first nation in Canada. I think this is a very good learning experience for me, because I have never really studied it, and I have not even considered the food of indigenous people. Our team chose to study and complete our mission to Musqueam, and we learned how they can make good use of the resources around them, from wildlife such as deer hunting, bears and elk to how to grow and grow many different fruits and vegetables. Potatoes and carrots to several wild berries. Another important part we have learned is the importance of salmon. Salmon is one of the most important staples of Musqueam and a source of nutrient intake. And we also learned that Musqueam people like to eat turkey, so we decided to make the most traditional food, Bannock, and match with turkey. Since there was no turkey, we used chicken. During the production process, our team had no problems. The team members helped each other. The result of this dish was great. Bannock was golden and the chicken was perfect and juicy. One thing I want to change is Bannock, which is a bit boring and very hard to chew. We might change the amount of water in the recipe and the baking time to make Bannock softer. In general, this task is very eye-catching into the world of food, my favorite dish is the fruit tart of Unit 2, the taste is very good, the sweetness of Caska sauce is also perfect.