Pay it forward Reflection-Skill Block D


I really like this movie, though it is a sad and heartbreaking movie. From the movie, I learned that through love is feasible. Let the love pass down, continue to do so, love will spread all over the world. In the movie, he helped tramps and tramps to help others. When his mother fell to the bottom of the valley, he said: “Everyone is wrong.” Trevor’s love helped his mother, his teacher, his grandmother, a black man, a lawyer, a journalist, and continued to Go down. However, the ending of the story is that he sacrificed himself to save people. It is because of such a simple reason, just because they have been helped, so they also want to help others. It turned out that real life is not impossible. In fact, many people have love in their hearts. Why does Trevor think that a person can’t affect the world? Is this world empty? Everything we see in the movie is done by humans. But these did not make the world full of hope. Human weakness made me feel sad. Because everyone can have their own choice, but I hope others will not forget the beating heart. I also have the same experience. One day I saw a beggar wearing a worn, thin shirt in the winter and then I give him fifty dollars to buy something to warm the body. On the day of the return, there was not enough money to buy the bus ticket. At this moment, the beggar gave me two dollars and said, “Take it, now you need it more than me.” 

Trevor helped three people, and at first glance, the seemingly untouched object did not change, but in fact, the change was a slow process. At the beginning, goodwill was spread out and ostensibly no change in the world was seen. However, this action indeed Affected some people.So do not feel like you’re small. Something is “Just do it.”

Dec.18,2017                      Lina Pan