Desmos Art Functions Card 2019




Initially, I was very happy to start this project because I can use mathematical skills to make artistic innovations. However, I want to keep it simple because I’m sure this project will be difficult, but hopefully not. So I started with the hardest portraits.

Fortunately, when I started this project, I already had some experience with desmos. Because I used Desmos to create my own signature image for the Math 10 project. Although I only know the basics, my knowledge has helped me especially in the beginning. When I started the project, I first planned in my head what I wanted to present, and then reviewed the notes about all the different features needed for the project to make it easier to decide which features to use in certain areas.

During the production process, I encountered many challenges, but the bigger challenges were shadows and connecting lines. Shadow is a new concept of desmos. It took me a while to master, because it really takes a lot of time to make shadows, I ended up making only one. In most cases, connecting lines is not an obstacle. However, when I started using more complex functions, many decimals were involved. To make sure the features are connected, I will build from the limitations of the previous line and do some calculations on the calculator to get the correct scores needed.

Whenever I encounter a challenge, I either review my notes, use other features, try to think of other ideas, or research solutions. I didn’t get any help from others. However, I did use google and some YouTube videos to better understand the different features and attributes of desmos.

This project is very unique, something I have never done before, but it is also very interesting. Not only is this fun, but it also deepens my understanding of function and relationship transformation. It also enhanced my understanding of the restrictions. It’s great to see that mathematics can be not only math, but also art. I am very proud of what I have done for this project.

English 11 Reality

1. traveling

I think traveling is a pretty good way to learn more from the world, and that is what we can do now on vacation. However, it is depending on how rich you are. How rich you are, directly influence your destination choice. I travel a lot, and every time I traveled, I think my thought has been developed, my vision of the world has been expanded. I have more knowledge about the world and will come up with some question for our society.

2. competition

Competition is a good way for people to develop, such as compressive capacity, and can arouse people’s ambition. Through the competition, you may find that you are not that prefect, still need more knowledge. Therefore, you will start to reflect on myself, so that I can see my own shortcomings and improve. But this is moderate, because if there are too many blows, it will be the enthusiasm of the image.

Indigenous Food Map Reflection

The past week has been an important experience for me to understand the first nation in Canada. I think this is a very good learning experience for me, because I have never really studied it, and I have not even considered the food of indigenous people. Our team chose to study and complete our mission to Musqueam, and we learned how they can make good use of the resources around them, from wildlife such as deer hunting, bears and elk to how to grow and grow many different fruits and vegetables. Potatoes and carrots to several wild berries. Another important part we have learned is the importance of salmon. Salmon is one of the most important staples of Musqueam and a source of nutrient intake. And we also learned that Musqueam people like to eat turkey, so we decided to make the most traditional food, Bannock, and match with turkey. Since there was no turkey, we used chicken. During the production process, our team had no problems. The team members helped each other. The result of this dish was great. Bannock was golden and the chicken was perfect and juicy. One thing I want to change is Bannock, which is a bit boring and very hard to chew. We might change the amount of water in the recipe and the baking time to make Bannock softer. In general, this task is very eye-catching into the world of food, my favorite dish is the fruit tart of Unit 2, the taste is very good, the sweetness of Caska sauce is also perfect.

Scenario Q&A

1. Do you think that John and Emily are deceiving themselves about being able to do well in their English class?

They are very confident in themselves. If they get good grades, they are the result of their efforts, but if they don’t get tested, the football team and the ball want to be their excuse.

2. What do you think might be the result of the schedule they are following?

They may miss or not getting good grades in English test, and they may be not can be the king and the queen for than dance.

3. If they don’t do well on their English work, will they blame others or themselves?

They may recall their mistakes when they get the results, but they may also attribute this to the school football team and the dance practice as an excuse for their poor test scores.

4. What, if anything, might you do differently if you were in their place?

I would not go dancing and study for my English Test.

LOTF Instagram

The first shows that Ralph’s excitement when he first arrived on the island because there was no adult control.”Here was a coral island. Protected from the sun, ignoring Piggy’s ill-omened, he dreamed pleasantly.”(pg.10)

The second one is when Ralph blows the conch. “My ordinary voice sounded like a whisper after the harsh note of the conch.”

The third one is when there was a boat passing by, but because no one looked after the fire, it lost a chance to get a rescue.

The fourth one is when Jack has a tribe.

Through this project, we have a better understanding of the character. And more in-depth understanding, that is the turning point of the article, which time reflects Ralph’s leadership, but also saw Ralph’s change and progress. From the beginning Ralph was able to blow conch, I think this is a hint, suggesting that Ralph may have extraordinary talent. Gradually, he discovered the importance of Piggy and learned to listen to other people’s advice. He will use the father to be navy when the younger child starts to be frustrated and will get help to give the child hope. Ralph does not use fear tactics to win over the kids of votes of the chief of the island. Instead, he makes communication with others uses joy and happiness and gives them hope. Ralph realizes that hurting someone will make them dislike him, so he chooses to be friendly, organized, and highly motivated to find a way off the island.