Unit #3 -Lesson 3 -Found Object /Spare Parts Assemblage Sculpture

This is the final project of the course.  This project is a significant one in terms of the time that you are to spend on it – give it the full three hours required for the last week of classes.

You are to design and construct a figure out of found objects.  The figure can be a human-like figure or an animal or insect.

This assignment challenges you in the following ways:

  1. Seek out interesting and varied materials as “found objects” .  Your ability to seek out materials will determine the degree of your success.  It is no easy task to find materials for this, but that is what will allow you to be successful.  Good materials will make a good sculpture.    Say “no” to nothing – books, bottles, chains, mechanisms, toilet paper roles, old felt pens,… the creative act here is in finding throw away gadgetry to use for this.  You need to really hunt and collect.  Look outside of your home.
  2. Disassemble and attach parts and pieces together – the joining is a real challenge but you will need to figure out some different ways to join things.  You will need string, glue, wire, hole pokers, anything you can muster to attach the pieces together. Hot Glue is an easy answer, but there are many different ways besides gluing to join objects together:


Jeremy Mayer does not solder, glue or weld his typewriter parts together.  In this video you can see he reassembles them to make all his found object sculptures:

3. Create a new and appealing figure/animal out of the parts or pieces that you assemble.  The final sculpture needs an appeal.  What makes it look artful?  Consider making some intricate detailed places on the sculpture – most likely the face, the eyes, but there may be some other body areas that you can “WOW” your audience by the detailing you create.  Here are some examples of the kind of results I am looking for:

Construct your sculpture.  Try to make it elaborate.  Try to make it stand.  Consider the back, the side, AND the front view.

4. You need to sculpt “IN THE ROUND”  .  This means that all sides of your work need to be considered and made appealing.  To hand it in you need to photograph it and present it as a model sheet – paste a photo of the front, the side, AND the back all on one sheet of paper.

The criteria for this assignment involves:

  1. Creative collecting of materials for your sculpture – the more unique the materials the better.
  2. Assemblage of the materials – using a variety of and effective, neat joining methods, rather than just dumping glue over everything the better.
  3. The final figure is intricate (complicated and sophisticated) rather than simple and boring.
  4. The model sheet contains THREE different views of the same sculpture showing the front, the back and the side of it.


DUE DATE IS : JUNE 17, midnight.




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