May 2018 archive

Ringette Peer Teach

For my peer teach I teamed up with Kennedy to teach our class how to play ringette. We did our lesson during the PE block on May 22, 2018. Unfortunately we could not teach it on ice as that is how we play it so we got gym ringette equipment and played in gym C. We started with a little bit of history, rules and positions. We then moved into skills teaching our classmates how to pass, shoot and check. We played cat and mouse to practice checking and keep away. Majority of the time was spent playing mini scrimmages which was probably the funnest part of the lesson. Afterwards we did a few drills and ended with a quick game of British bulldog. Overall I think the class enjoyed our lesson and I think some people understood the game more because they had heard us talk about it before but never knew what the sport is about. I also think some hockey players in the class gained some respect for the game because before they thought ringette was a rip off of hockey but now they realize how hard and how much fun it is.

I was prepared for my lesson 5/5
I brought all necessary materials for my lesson 5/5
My lesson was organised with clear instruction/purpose/direction 5/5
I included a demonstration, explanation and practice time 5/5

Desmos Portrait 2018

I found this assignment extremely complicated and time consuming. It took me a while to figure it out but once I got the hang of it I was able to create lines quicker. I found it interesting how it took so long just to make a simple picture that is not at all what I wanted my picture to look like. When figuring out equations it was really trial and error. I just threw a bunch of different function together to see what it would give me. Then I would replace numbers and adjust from there. I did have to ask my friends for help and we would help each other make different features. For example, I would work on the mouth while my friend would figure the eyes and then we would share our equations. This assignment helped me understand how one small decimal or change can make the line look completely different.

Self-evaluation in Functions OneNote folder.