Calculus Self Reflection

I have grown in the critical thinking core competencies. I can use the information I have been given and find multiple ways to solve a certain problem. Math is a challenging subject and I believe I have made strong leaps in being able to interpret the methods in which we solve the problems and apply them to the concepts we have learned in order to complete the questions. I am able to recognize when something does not make sense and have ways of teaching myself that it takes time to understand something sometimes. This is something I have not always been great at in the past. The thing I am the most proud of is the fact that I understand the concepts behind the math and I can solve these problems on my own most of the time now. Math has not always been something I was great at and I’m proud that I can process the information given to me and I can reflect on what it truly means and I can apply it to the problems we are solving. Really taking in the information is something I am working very hard at.


I also feel I have gown in the communication competency. I am able to retain information about the concepts that we have learned and explain it to others in a way that makes sense. I am also able to present my ideas in a way that makes sense and people can understand my work. I can answer the questions presented to me. I have also been able to become a more active listener when it comes to math and I can interpret what the teachers are saying and am able to understand what other students have trouble with. I feel that I have really improved myself in this area. I have learned that math is hard for other people for different reasons and my struggles will not always be the same as other’s. We can use this to help each other understand the different concepts and succeed in the courses.

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