Calculus Self Reflection

I have grown in the critical thinking core competencies. I can use the information I have been given and find multiple ways to solve a certain problem. Math is a challenging subject and I believe I have made strong leaps in being able to interpret the methods in which we solve the problems and apply […]

Magnetism Project

How it works: Current from the battery enters the aluminum foil and goes into the paper clips and into the copper wire, creating an magnetic field. It then becomes attracted and repulsed (making it move) by the magnet on top of the cup as one side of the wire becomes positively charged and the other […]

Voting Age Infographic

Loading… When completing this assignment I was able to explain my perspective on an issue and use citations to prove my points. I was able to examine evidence given to me and was able to select the appropriate evidence to support the message I am conveying. The sources I chose depended on how easy to […]

Connections (Persuasive Video Assignment)

My Persuasive video: Script/Paragraph: Reflection: The completion of this persuasive video allowed me to implement and grow my skills and knowledge in many of the core competencies. I used communication skills to reflect on the best medium in which to express my opinions about social media. I was able to plan and execute the method […]