Inventor Project Process

Sketches: My sketches for the 3D Print assignment. I wanted to make something useful as well as easy for people to make. I also didn’t want to make something too simple. I also thought the a coat hanger would be really helpful for me. I ended up choosing the coat hanger because its was useful, […]

DDA 10: Orthographic

Orthographic Frybox:   This is a Orthographic drawing of a McDonald’s fry box, I decided to make this when I went to McDonalds the day we were told to think of something to design and make. 3D Net: Fry Box Complete This is the completed 3D object of the Fry Box I designed above. Cell […]

Scratch Animation IT 10 Project

Link:¬† What I learned: I learned how to Animate more freely in Scratch as well as how to play a GIF via “next backdrop” and “repeat x times” What was challenging: I thought it was very challenging to find the pictures I needed as well as actually figuring out what animations I should do. What […]

IT 10 Scratch Project

Controls: -Arrow keys to move -Object of the game is to get to the green flag until you get to the building What Did I learn? I learned how to code using Scratch, I thought that this can help me learn the basic premise of code and will help me in the future with other […]