My Environmental Interactions

This assignment is asking us to reflect how our actions have consequences and how we can preserve the planet better. Driving: Driving is something I do everyday, when it’s either getting on the bus or driving to school the emissions affect the planet. The carbon emissions are bad for the geosphere and can cause unnatural […]

How do cells multiply?

Meiosis and Mitosis: Meiosis is another process of cell division. When fertilizing an egg it is required for there to be two parents. Meiosis is the production of gametes also known as the sex cells (Egg and sperm cells). Each parents gametes only have 23 chromosomes so that half come from the mother and half […]

First Peoples Learning Principles/Class Comparison

In class we learned about the First Peoples Principles of Learning. These Principles of Learning can be easily applied to our in-class experience with Engineering Brightness and the Student SpaceFlight Experiments. “Learning involves generational roles and responsibilities” In the First Peoples’ culture, the focus is on making life better for future generations. This involves passing […]

Mutation Story (Spinal Muscular Atrophy)

Part 1: Story As new lifeform is created many things can go wrong in development, because of me an accident occurs. When someone is affected by me the SM1 gene is mutated via deletion at exon 7, an exon is a part of a gene that will be apart of the final mature RNA. This […]

EB Proposal

When we first got this project the one thing that I liked the most is that it didn’t matter if we failed the first time because we could just make the project better the next time. I also liked the fact that we were going to help people less fortunate than us and not only […]

Currents from the kitchen lab

1. Prediction: Which fruit will produce the most electric voltage? I think the lemon will have the strongest voltage Why? Because it is more acidic properties Observations: The apple produced a 1.5 volt charge. The Grape produces 2.5 volt charge But 0 when laying down because the nail was touching the table The lemon produces […]

SSEP Reflection

1)Define We have been assigned to create an experiment that can be conducted in space a. What is micro-gravity? Micro Gravity is where you feel weightlessness but you are actually falling toward the planet in an arc but going fast enough to miss it. This causes people to be able to swim around in space […]