About Me


1) My favourite quote is:

“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt

2) My favourite YouTube clip is:

I personally like this video because it shows how important science is in our society and how our governments are funding it less and less every year. This shows that not only does society reject science but the government doesn’t think its useful either. It shows that societies in the past have rejected discoveries and punished people for believing it. Some people today reject certain discoveries made by science, this is shown that measles is at an all time high for the past decade. Ignoring science is a way of ignoring the truth and this has cause past civilizations to crumble.


3) Find a Picture that has Impacted You:


This picture impacted me because of how amazing it looks and that it would be a cool place to go.


4) My favourite website is YouTube because it lets people share their interesting content and they can even make money off of it.


5) On my birthday these are the most interesting things happened:

1900- U.S. Currency hits gold standard

1951- U.N. forces recapture Seoul for the second time during the Korean war

influential people with the same birthday:

1804- Johann Strauss, violinist and composer.

1833- Lucy Hobbs Taylor, first woman dentist.

1854- Paul Ehrlich, German bacteriologist who received the Nobel Prize for medicine.

1864- Casey Jones, railroad engineer.

1879- Albert Einstein, German-born mathematician best known for his theories on relativity.

1934- Eugene Cernan, American astronaut, the last man on the moon.

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