Synthesis Essay Reflection

Reflection: I feel that I did a good job on making it easy to read. I also felt like I had good vocabulary and made good points. I could have structured it better to suit the topics of the paragraphs. I also could have added more detail to the quotes and the points. I worked […]

Rube Goldberg Project

OPERATION CHURRO Steps of machine: Step A. The phone is called then vibrates down the binder hitting the dominoes. (The phone vibrating would be mechanical energy and it moving down would be the result of gravitational energy too. (The dominoes are moving based on mechanical energy. Mechanical/Gravitational to mechanical.) Step B. The dominoes go up […]

Spoken Word – Vaccines Work

Video: Spoken Word: Reflection: With my spoken word I was really proud of how I made my speech informative and made it so i didn’t sound like I knew better but rather shared my opinion backed up by evidence. I was also proud using really good words that get my point across and being able […]

Narrative Corrections

Two things I am proud of: I am proud that I was able to create a true short story about my life and make it interesting. I am also proud of my writing skills and how I was able to create a good hook and climax. I was proud of how I incorporated the dialogue. Two […]

Death of Mann

Our story is about the journey one can take to achieve a goal. It also shows that perseverance is key when overcoming obstacles. We chose to shoot the discovery of the body scene outside and near trees so it showed that the body would have been dumped in the woods. We also chose to shoot […]

Traits/Making a child

Traits and Picture: Our child is a boy that has fine eyebrows, present widows peak, light blue eyes, short eyelashes, ear pits, and a small nose. Our child also has a round head, cleft chin, wavy hair, and white skin.   Questions: a. How does the coin flip relate to the probability of inheriting genetic conditions?  […]