October 10

Food and You assignment

Fusion Harmony

Do you like fusion style pasta? My favorite food is pasta, so my favourite restaurant isa pasta restaurant. It’s rans by Korean person who professional about pasta. These pasta are like fusion style pasta. That restaurant is called ‘Jimoco Pasta’. ‘Jimoco pasta’ has 2 franchise. One is in Lougheed, and the other one is in Port Coquitlam. Usually I eat carbonara spaghetti or pasta. However, there are many various type of pasta or risotto. I think Jimoco’s fusion style pasta or risotto makes restaurant’s food style unique. Also, when you get the foods, you can feel you can feel Italian origin. When I order seafoods pasta, the smell has a oceanic aroma. Moreover, the decoration is beautiful. White plate and pasta work in harmony. Also, the pot the pasta is put in, it is very artistic because the pots/plates are Korean style dishes. In my opinion, an Italian and Korean collaboration is perfect. The atmosphere is very smooth and romantic because there are lots of chandeliers. Also, the yellow light makes the food look better. Furthermore, you can listen to the background classical music, and gives an Italian vibe. Service is also perfect. During the order, employees are kind enough to explain and recommend each pasta. However, prices are little expensive, so it is burden to go often. I think fusion style foods are very expensive because it needs lots of time, knowledge, and experiences. I think this restaurant will fit a foreigner’s taste. You can enjoy spicy or plain pasta and risotto. Please go to there, and enjoy the special and unique pasta!!


June 12

Informal Writing

3 Reasons Why I like Jack

Image result for brave boy

1.He is a brave boy.

In the novel, he is the oldest boy on the island next to Ralph.  Everyone is afraid of the Beasties, even including Jack. However, he overcomes his fear and becomes the hunters’ leader, giving the boys some confidence that they can deal with the Beast. Also, as the most motivated hunter, he kills a pig himself. I often and provides food for others. I can sense that Jack feels for the littluns. He takes responsibility for getting better food and encourages them to hunt. I think he is a very brave and attentive boy.

Image result for good leader

2.He is a good leader.

In the novel, Jack leads the choir boys and littluns very well. He always find food for them and throws a big party when they finally kill a pig. I think that part is very important because I can see that he isn’t about only doing what he wants for himself, but has an eye for understanding what motivates the other boys.  Some boys like Piggy and Ralph don’t like his leadership style because he doesn’t follow their rules, but I think Jack inspires other boys because of his strong personality because he follows what others want of him. Perhaps in a confuse and fearful situation, the boys need a leader who can get them focused on something (hunting and satisfying the Beast).

3. He’s a realist who does what’s needed

I mentioned before, Jack does not come across as the nicest boy on the island, especially end of the novel. While this part give us lots of reason to dislike him, his actions decisive leader and hunter are what’s necessary in a dangerous survival situation. Ralph may be the ‘nicer’ boy but as he starts to lose his direction and confidence, not be able to get the boys organized to build the huts and keep the signal fire burning, it is Jack that steps up to do what is necessary in a bad situation. Jack was simply realistic than the others because he saw  that they needed meat and understood that the boys would much more enjoy tribal than democratic. Jack may not made the decisions, yet he made ones that made sense if they were never expecting to ever be rescued.

February 13

Human Condition project

“In Solitude”

This song represents loneliness and solituhd, which are common emotions of the human condition. Through the whole song, singer is waiting in her chair and is filled with despair. She remembers about someone she is deeply in love with, but someone is gone. She feels sadness and gloom everywhere. Also she is staring outside and feels she could go mad with her despair.  She wants to get her love back. I think she could have divorced with her husband or broken up with her boyfriend, or her husband was dead. Many people can feel isolation or solitude in many different cases. In additional, people need other people’s love or attention, which can help them overcome their difficult emotions. Therfore, this song’s theme is how the feeling of solitude can lead people to very depressed feelings becauses we feel unconnected or distant from others. Whether situation is death or break up, many people feel the unhappines of solitude.