February 11

‘Identities’ Paragraph

Feb, 11, 2019

Communication 12                                                              Sean Oh

Prejudices and Stereotypes

        Prejudices are often not accurate evidences to a person’s character. In W.D Valgardson story called ‘identities’, it shows that stereotypes are dangerous to society and human. Most of people judge others by their appearances. In the story, the officer misunderstands the man and kills him. The police officer was not justified when he killed the man. The officer kills the man because of his appearance. According to W.D Valgardson, ‘Officer has been trained to see an unshaven man in blue jeans as a potential thief.’(p.5). He just judges the man by his appearance. Unfortunately, the man wears blue jeans and has unshaven, so the officer just concludes he is a potential thief. The man dies by the officer. It is impossible to justify the officer’s action. He is a murder and criminal, so the officer was not justified when he killed the man. Also, when the man sees the officer, his reaction is not surprised. Even he feels safety from the officer. According to W.D Valgardson, ‘when he turns part way around and recognizes the uniform, he does not feel fear but relief. Instinctively relaxing, certain of his safety.’ (P.5). If the man is a real gang member or thief, he will feel nervous, afraid, or fear. However, he doesn’t. The man is simply killed by the officer’s prejudices and stereotypes. Therefore, the officer was not justified when he killed the man. The man tries to put out his wallet from his jacket. However, the officer misunderstands him. ‘in the last voluntary movement of his life, he reaches his hand ‘toward’ his wallet for his identity.’ (p.5). The officer looks at him with prejudice, so the man’s acting or speaking are really suspicious to him. The officer shoots gun to him while he reaches his hand toward his wallet because the officer thinks he is a thief of gang member. Also, he predicts the man takes out his gun from his jacket. However, the man doesn’t reach his hand to the pocket. The officer’s rash behavior kills the man, so the officer was not justified when he killed the man. Don’t judge people by their appearances. Prejudices and stereotypes are just people’s thoughts.


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