February 13

Human Condition project

“In Solitude”

This song represents loneliness and solituhd, which are common emotions of the human condition. Through the whole song, singer is waiting in her chair and is filled with despair. She remembers about someone she is deeply in love with, but someone is gone. She feels sadness and gloom everywhere. Also she is staring outside and feels she could go mad with her despair.  She wants to get her love back. I think she could have divorced with her husband or broken up with her boyfriend, or her husband was dead. Many people can feel isolation or solitude in many different cases. In additional, people need other people’s love or attention, which can help them overcome their difficult emotions. Therfore, this song’s theme is how the feeling of solitude can lead people to very depressed feelings becauses we feel unconnected or distant from others. Whether situation is death or break up, many people feel the unhappines of solitude.




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