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Math 11

Week 6 – Quadratic Formula

This week I learned how to solve quadratic equations using the quadratic formula. The quadratic formula is used to solve quadratic equations. It is most often used when a quadratic equation is non-factorable or hard to factor. With this formula I insert… Continue Reading →

Week 5 – Difference of Squares

This week I learned how to solve for the difference of squares. To determine if a sequence can be identified as a difference of squares there are three things you should look for. First, you should look if the sequence is a… Continue Reading →

Week 4 Dividing Square Roots

This week I learned about dividing square roots, this concept was quite difficult at first and it took some time to understand the idea. We learned a topic called “Rationalizing the denominator,” which is removing the root from the denominator… Continue Reading →

Week 3 Absolute Values

This week I learned about absolute values. An absolute value is a number within the special brackets, whatever number is inside will always be positive. The absolute value will always be positive but the answer to an expression/equation could be… Continue Reading →

Week 2 Arithmetic Sequence

This week I learned about how to find the common difference for a Arithmetic Sequence. The definition of a sequence is an ordered list of numbers. whatever is the first number in a sequence is recorded as ( or a) then each term goes up… Continue Reading →

My Arithmetic Sequence

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