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Grade 11

Newtons Laws

Newtons Law #1 Newton’s first law states that every object will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless compelled to change its state by the action of an external force. This is represented in how the bottle on… Continue Reading →

Week 17

This week in math we learned about sine law, which is used to find the angles and sides of triangles that don’t contain a ninety degree angle. In order to verify the use of sine law you require 3 important pieces… Continue Reading →

The Wedgemount Wind Corrections

The Wedgemount Wind A blast of wind smashed against me as I realized that I had made it. The various peaks. Aspirating air. Eyes wide open. The tactual and emotional sensation of experience. I was at the top. However, climbing… Continue Reading →

The First Nations Fiasco: Sports (Corrected Opinion Piece)

  The First Nations Fiasco: Sports                 First nations logos, mascots, and even names have a symbolic background with their history; however, should sports teams be allowed to use them? This has been a debate of controversy for decades and… Continue Reading →

Core Competencies,

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Week 15

This week in math we learned how to multiply and divide rational expressions. These fractions are generally pretty “ugly,” so writing them out fully makes it somewhat more clear to read and manage. There are 3 general steps to doing… Continue Reading →

Week 14

This week in math we learned about equivalent rational expressions. Rational numbers are quotients of two integers. So, two polynomials are known as rational expressions. As well we learned to simplify a rational expression the first thing you must do is… Continue Reading →

Week 13

This week in math we learned how to solve linear absolute value equations algebraically. This can be done by first splitting the desired equation into two. One being the original equation (without absolute value brackets), and the second being similar… Continue Reading →

Week 12

This week in math I learned/understood how to substitute. Last year we learned the concept but I never really understood how to do it. With substitution we must isolate one variable, probably the easiest one to isolate. From there we… Continue Reading →

Week 11

This week in math we learned how to solve inequalities, specifically, quadratic inequalities. To solve for these inequalities we require the “zeros” of the quadratic, this means that we must factor the quadratic. With the “zeros” or roots we can… Continue Reading →

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