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English 10

Racism, Then & Now

Racism has been around for countless years, prejudice among those who are the same only separated by color. I very much do believe racism is still quite strong within some individuals, but as a society racism has proudly become looked… Continue Reading →

Modern Sonnets

The Crow King   The moon, stares blankly at a crimson street The darkness shared equally by shadows The puppet begs for mercy that won’t come For I am no slave to my own hollows   A king no more… Continue Reading →

Music as Poetry Assignment

The A team Analysis-1wvnjqx

Weekend Poetry

Weekend Poetry                 This weekend was quite lighthearted, with minor things to do, most of my time was spent in bed. After a long week adjusting to my new classes, I felt very burnt-out, exhausted. I had to learn new… Continue Reading →

Getting to Know You Assignment

Get to Know You Paragraphs                 Photography is one of the most influential hobbies I’ve ever had, and has been a significant part of my life. I started growing an interest in photography when I was younger, around grade 6… Continue Reading →

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