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Grade 9

Tanya Harrison Response

CBL Google Hangout with Tanya Harrison Tanya Harrison is a planetary scientist and professional photographer. She is a PHD student in Geology at the University of Western Ontario. She works mostly on collecting data for and from Mars. On June 14th, 2016… Continue Reading →

Statistics Partner Project

Hailey, Rafael Statistics Influences on the collection of data There are many factors  that may affect the collection of data those include; bias, use of language, ethics, cost, time and timing, privacy, cultural sensitivity, etc. each of these when used… Continue Reading →

Expanding Universe Comment

This is a comment I made on Alyson V’s blog. I commented how I thought of her post, how it compared to my experiment, and how it relates to the expansion of the universe.

Matone De Chiwit

We use it every day, whenever we want, and we barely think about how lucky we are that we have such an accessibility to it; I’m talking about water. In the first world an average family of 4 has around… Continue Reading →

Modeling Mitosis

In class we modeled each phase of Mitosis. Interphase:   Prophase:     Metaphase: Anaphase: Telophase:

Mutation Story – Color Blindness

I am a single gene on an X-Chromosome, but around me are missing and damaged genes, and these genes are what produce photo pigments. Females are lucky because they have 2 X-Chromosomes whereas men only have 1. So now my… Continue Reading →

Edible DNA Model

This is a picture of the edible DNA that Emily and I made. The DNA double helix model is to show the relationship between the chemical bases (A, T, C, and G) and how they are suppose to connect together… Continue Reading →

Google hang-out blog response

For class we had a video chat with Karishma Bhagani from Kenya talking about her on-going project of water purification and we also asked her questions about her project and about difficulties, successes and ideas. The experience was alright. My… Continue Reading →

Measuring Current

Purpose: Construct a circuit from a circuit diagram and use an ammeter to correctly measure current. Materials: -1.5 V Cell -Various Bulbs -Connecting wires -Ammeter Procedure: Construct the following circuit, using one of the light bulbs Close the circuit briefly… Continue Reading →

Currents in the Kitchen Lab

Purpose: What fruit/ vegetable will give off the most electric charge?   Hypothesis: The lemon will give off the most electric voltage because it is citrus and the most juicy.   Materials: Lemon, lime, potato, carrot, apple, banana Wire Ammeter… Continue Reading →

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